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Company Profile

Hopthink Group, established in 2010, contains:
Hopthink (Shenzhen) Industry CO., LTD &

Shenzhen Yuway Technology CO., LTD &

Shenzhen Fireapp Technology CO., LTD Subsidiaries, 10 Years Golden Supplier in Alibaba, a manufacturer specialized in researching and developing as well as marketing of Electric Scooter, Electric Bike, Hoverboard, Skateboard etc short distance transporation and massage gun products, located in Shenzhen, which is the center of electric products in the world.

As a well-known both at domestic and overseas manufacture, Hopthink seeking to provide high quality hot sell products for humans, with over 180 employees , an experienced and effective R&D team. ISO9001, CE, FCC, ROHS and UL certificated, 5-Steps QC System has made sure high quality standard product provided for our valued customers, our defect rate is lower than 0.3% which is the top 5% highest quality in the market. So far our pr oductshave been growing rapidly in overseas markets, such as USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands and Middle East etc. with competitive price, high quality and admirable service; We are seeking to be the leader in the industry.

Serious, innovation, efficient is our working style and attitude, devoted to improve products quality and service to satisfy our customers.

We are willing to achieve win-win business relationship with our customers and we do supply what we promise with honesty. You are welcome to join us to enjoy the happiness of new technology.